Damn guys... We waitedCheap Blade And Soul Gold4-5 years for this bull? Don't think I've been so sickened by a game release in a long time.. :c Sure the visuals and running appeal to some and myself, but as far as playing the game?


(1) Paying for premium just to enter a faster queing system or you have to wait up to an hour and even longer for some servers just to join and play.


(2) Entering the game day 1 launch and several bots spamming and no actions taken other than blocking them.


(3) No appearance of GMs to take actions against the bots filling up players queueing or to welcome players on launch day to interact and excite the players of the launch.


(4) Forums rapidly filling with messages like my own complaining. (Hope the GMs hear us and fix some things)


(5) They hyped a game for several years to give us the same game with less content only translated, but  cash shopped to hell to force us to pay for a free to play game, but only to give us pay to enter your server before you grow impatient and uninstall or find something else.


(6) Only 2 character slots for free players and those characters you create are stuck to the chosen servers you choose. If you want to enter another server you must create your second character or delete 1 of 2 characters if you're wanting to enter other servers freely. 


(Opinion) Idk guys.. this game was hyped for so long and I waited for Blade & Soul Gold so long only to be let down by yet another MMO trying to sell us on good visuals and interesting stories. We've been tricked yet again by these companies after our wallets. Be sure to check your pockets and lock your safes. I for one am and wont be losing money on this same thing happening with all games we've followed but turned in to a money chaser.


(R.I.P) Here rests my hopes and dreams of loving this game after day 1 of following it while it was being developed and getting massive hype.

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