you can block chat - right click on the spammy name and add to your block list. enjoy blissful peace and normal chat until they create another spammer.
How does that free up server space? Most of these have been Buy Blade And Soul Gold online since yesterday morning. It's further proof that ncsoft wants queue times to stay horrible

didn't work in the last game I's not that hard to get to level 5 or 10 anyways. you might get an hour of peace and quiet and then have to deal with it again. what they need is a report function, but then they'd have to have enough staff to deal with all the reports >.br/>The best way to kill off gold spammers is a simple chat delay to free users. SWTOR is the best example. Game has almost no spammers as free players have a 30 second delay to general chat. This delay is removed if you spend a single penny of real money currency permanently. You can earn enough to do this just by having the authinticator app (free account security tool)

Actually found out a few minutes ago that the game just released NA like 3 days ago. These problems now make sense. I thought that the game had been out for a long time and it just sucked like this every day.
on the spot. I was in early release, and outside of a really weird server debacle (everyone flocked to the same 2 servers on early release, it was odd), the queues really didn't hit overall until the official release on tues.

And even then they weren't horrible like they are now. I think the quoted times for my server last night were an hour on average. today I logged in at 10am (same server as last night), and it's 6:37pm, and Im still in queue. so something happened today to make them horribly worse.

as a comparison, i logged in yesterday at around the same time (10am pacific) and i gotBlade & Soul Goldin pretty much instantly. so yeah...things escalated fast this last 24 hours

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